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Cookies are pieces of information sent by the webserver hosting this website that are stored in web browsers. Stored cookies can then later be retrieved by the webserver when the users visits the website again.


I use cookies because I'm nosy and I want to know what the hell you're doing on my website. 👃

Tracking is performed by my self-hosted Matomo installation at

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If you don't want me to see what you're doing on *, I understand. If I were you I wouldn't want me to know what I were doing either.

You have two options:


The form is provided directly by my analytics software, which is not always online. If you don't see it, it may be down, or you may be running an ad-blocker (so you're not being tracked anyway).

Turning on Do Not Track always works.

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You may want to check out Cookies & You, a website that explains how to disable cookies and what they are for.

June 2019
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